10 Pack – Multi Color Toy Phone for Kids / Dummy Cell Phone for Kids

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10 Pack Dummy Phones / Toy Phones for Kids
Don’t let your child play with your new smartphone. Let them express their curiosity with these dummy phones.
Dummy model / NON-WORKING phone for use as a toy or display purposes. Scaled to actual size and weight – looks and feels like the real thing!

  • 10 Fake Cell Phones - Pack of display models includes Samsung Casio, Nokia, Verizon, Motorola Flip, sliding and other models.
  • Scaled at 1:1 - Looks and feels like the real thing! These phone are the exact same size and weight as the original cell phone models.
  • Kids love to play with cell phones! Watch as they engage in pretend play, have conversations with grandparents, imaginary friends and babble for hours on end.
  • Non working phones make a funny gag gift and can be used to trick your friends and family. Clone phones are fun for parties, halloween or stocking stuffers.
  • Please be aware that there are no sounds or lights, and these devices do not operate and cannot be used to replace broken parts.

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