Review Wizard Review – Affiliate Marketing Done Right

Vendor: Michael Thomas and Brett Rutecky
PRO: Creators make 5 figures a month each
CON: Need Pro to get seo ranking training

Review Wizard Review – Why This Model Works

Review Wizard Review
The Good
  • Compatible with Pc and Mac
  • Easy to install Wordpress Plugin
  • Creators make 5 figures a month each
  • Highly trusted Vendors
  • Easily affordable
  • Support is second to none
  • 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Training is Amazing!
  • I personally Vouch for Both Vendors
The Bad
  • Need Pro version to bank big
  • Need Pro to get seo ranking training


Welcome to my Review Wizard Review. I’ve know Michael Thomas for quite some time, at least 5 years. At the time of meeting Mike, he was making money online, but nothing substantial. Now don’t hold me to the timeline as I’m not completely sure when we first met. Those of you that are familiar with Mike From Maine, we’re talking about the same person. I’ve watch Mike From Maine blossom into the super affiliate he is today, right before my eyes. His business model is extremely simple. Find upcoming launches, set up an interview with the product creators, create a product review on his blog, build an email list from the people that are interested in the product or product creator before and during the launch. Now email those people before the launch is closed. So now you have a targeted email list for the current product so sales are easier to achieve. Now Mike does a little more behind the scenes, as you know nothing online is as simple as it seems. For starters, he adds the buyers of the products he’s promoted to a buyers list. In simple a buyers list is just that, a list of buyers. I’ve purchased several products online before as I’m sure you have. So it’s safe to say we’re on someone’s buyer list, if they were smart. The success of this system isn’t solely based on collecting emails, but is a huge part of it. Review Wizard was created by both Michael Thomas and Michael Rutecky. Both of these men are super affiliates and make a minimum of 5 figures a month like clockwork. So what does it take to run a successful super affiliate business from the comfort of your home? Scroll down to see the Review Wizard Review by product and oto breakdown.

Review wizard review

Now before I answer this question, don’t panic, affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately I might be talking directly to you. So again, what does it take to run a successful super affiliate business at home?

Here is article taken from super affiliate Mark Ling, one of the pioneers of affiliate market read it here. In summary…

8 Traits of Super Affiliates Driven to Success

  1. Super affiliates take action towards their goals.
  2. Super affiliates invest their money in software, marketing, and outsourcing, and then spend what is left.
  3. Super affiliates invest their time in networking with and learning from other successful people.
  4. On a similar note, super affiliates enjoy the process of learning, even when they’re learning from their failures.
  5. Most super affiliates understand the power of their mind and focus on developing strong self belief and an abundance mindset.
  6. Most super affiliate millionaires that I’ve met in person (and I’ve met dozens) only focus on one or two niches.
  7. Most super affiliates build a strong mailing list through email capture and make regular repeat sales to the same people.
  8. Most super affiliate millionaires I know, including myself, make the vast majority of their money from the big competitive niches, and not from the smaller, less competitive niches.

Now that you understand what it takes to become a super affiliate marketer, you have an idea what is needed to succeed online. I’m not here to judge you or destroy your dreams of working from home, I want to do something that no one has probably done for you before, I want to be honest with you. The odds of you succeeding are very low, but with the right training and business model, failure isn’t an option.

When I first read this article by Mark Ling, I was very defeated and have a defeatist attitude. Quite frankly, I had 0 of those traits and even after reading the article I barely changed my internet marketing style. I you that to say this, we can have the greatest course online and have the greatest teacher, but if we aren’t ready to change the way we think and the way we take action, we’ll never succeed. Trust me, I’ve had repeated failure. Matter of fact I still have trouble failing, but now I actually know what I did wrong and have the courage and knowledge to rectify my short comings and turn all my failures into lessons. Being a successful internet marketer doesn’t mean you won’t see failure anymore, just means you’ll learn from your mistakes and be able to diagnose what went wrong.

Review Wizard System Review and Funnel Breakdown

So I will breakdown Review Wizard in bullet points so everyone get’s a more direct and better understanding of this system.

Review Wizard WordPress Plugin

  • Turn any website into a review site instantly
  • Maximize your free website traffic
  • Improve your conversions with the built in call to action bar
  • Step by step over the shoulder training
  • How to build a 30k a month business step by step
  • Get results even if you’ve failed in the past
  • How to get hordes of free visitors to you website
  • Top secret insider tricks to bank big
  • How to scale without any extra work

1st Oto: Review Wizard Pro

  • The ability to customize the rating box color, text, and call to action bar. More star options
  • In post editor added schema markup tags
  • Facebook meta tags to share on Facebook
  • Create on exit pop-ups to lower bounce rate and grab subscribers
  • Ability to add social share buttons, turn them on/off

2nd Oto: Reseller Account

  • Sell Review Wizard and keep 100% on the front end and get 50% on the upsells/oto’s
  • Get Affiliate Trax FREE! Software that captures your buyers emails addresses integrated with your autoresponder
  • Support, Hosting, and Updates handled by Review Wizard team

3rd Oto: Brett’s Circle

  • Bretts Circle is an all inclusive training that covers both affiliate marketing and product launching
  • A complete ground up approach – Newbie friendly
  • Brett’s insider’s Facebook Group – Lifetime Access!
  • Free UNLIMITED agency / upgrade to sell this training as your own product (with everything done for you)!

Why Review Wizard? Why Affiliate Marketing?

That’s simple. I’ll answer the last question first and the first question answer will be more evident.

Why Affiliate Marketing? This is a very complex question, but the simple answer is, it works. The thing about internet marketing that no one likes to tell you, is that it isn’t for everyone and only a very small percent of people succeed. Less than 1% to be exact. Now that I’ve beaten you down and discouraged you, I’ll tell you why it works so well. The main reason affiliate marketing work so well is the fact that you can make anywhere from 15%-100% commissions promoting other peoples products. The most lucrative type of product to promote would be digital products. Let me explain; they are easy to create, there is no shipping or waiting, so your customers get access instantly. Several different forms… pdf’s, audio, membership sites, videos. Several different niches… recipe books, weight loss, music, languages, etc. One of the most important things I’ve learned about online marketing is niche selection. Find a niche that you are passionate about. Just because you made a little money online doesn’t mean you’re passionate about that niche. Trust me I’ve been there. One of the most powerful words online is Review. People spend countless hours trying to buy the perfect everything.

Why Review Wizard? The question everyone has been asking me, why Review Wizard? It’s obviously clear by now if you want to use this business model in your business and I appreciate you reading this much of my Review Wizard Review. So this is the simple reason as I stated above, it simply works. Michael Thomas and Brett Rutecky has been killing affiliate marketing quite some time. They are very dominant separately, but together they literally eliminate the competition! I’m actually jealous that I’m not at that level of affiliate marketing, I do well but not 50k a month. It took a lot for me to say that. But remember the 8 rules from Mark Ling, learn from successful people doing what you want to accomplish at a high level. It is possible. Michael and I are good friends, ask him he’ll tell you the same. So now that you know exactly what Review Wizard and if it’s right for you, TAKE ACTION! Super Affiliates Take Action.

How To Find Your Passion

Back when I had the time to coach students, no one seemed to know what their passion was. They would say; I’m passionate about a lot of things. Though that might be true, here is the easiest way to find your true passion. Now imagine for a moment, you had no bills to worry about and all 24 hours of the day was yours to use as you please, no spouse or kids to worry about, what would you spend your entire day doing? Well there you have it, that’s you’re passion. My passion is teaching and training, I have a problem shutting my mouth you see. I am very passionate about how Jesus changed my life, so every opportunity I have to give him praise I do. At this point it doesn’t mater what you are passionate about, you can sell or promote a product online. If there isn’t a product for your passion, that’s great news, you can create a product and odds are other people are just as passionate about as you are.

Review Wizard Bonuses You’re Going To Drool Over These!

Review Wizard Bonuses

Individual rights to Profit Canvas (NOT reseller)
Sales page:
Resell rights to Instant Video Site – Sales page
Instant Video Site- A software that lets you build video websites with UNLIMITED video and text in just 60 seconds
Resell rights to Soci Vids  –
Soci Vids- A software that lets you put optin forms, buy now buttons, and calls to action over ANY Youtube video
Resell rights to Mobile Optimize Pro bonus 
sales page
Giveaway/Resell rights to Brett’s “How I Make Money Online” course
Sales page:
 *This is by far the best Review Wizard bonus package! If i was you, I would buy Review Wizard just for theses top notch bonuses!

Thank you for checking out my Review Wizard Review and bonuses. Hopefully my Review Wizard Review provided insight. Review Wizard Review


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